Car Key Replacement

Need a car key replacement in Houston area?  Maybe you have lost car keys, or worse still had them stolen.  Perhaps one has become worn and unreliable.  Or maybe you need a spare to keep handy or for a new driver in the family.  There’s no need to go to a dealership or even come into our shop.  Our mobile car locksmith experts come you ready for all foreign and domestic models.  Licensed, insured, and bonded they’ll show you their State of Texas issued photo ID, provide a written estimate, then get right to work.

Our Car Key Replacement Services

Laser Cut Keys (High-Security Keys)

With advanced laser key cutting equipment, our fast and friendly mobile locksmith services create the highest quality laser cut keys for smooth and reliable operation.

Car Key Extraction

If your problem is a key broken off in the ignition, door, or trunk in nearly every situation our experts can quickly remove it without damaging the lock.

Ignition Keys

If an ignition switch is stuck don’t risk further damage by forcing it.  We’re experts in ignition switch repair and replacement for pretty much all makes and models.  We’ll be there in just minutes, so there’s no need for towing or higher dealership prices. We can also make keys for ignition switches. Learn More

Key Fob Replacements

Our automotive specialists are also well equipped to handle vehicles with push-button as well as wireless remote systems. Learn More

Transponder Car Keys

Wireless transponder keys were developed primarily as a theft deterrent.  In addition to the physical key, a computer chip inside the fob exchanges a series of random-looking codes with the vehicle’s onboard computer.  If the codes don’t match an “immobilizer” prevents the car from starting even if the key fits.

In addition to key cutting, we have the latest equipment for mobile transponder key programming so we can take care of everything right on the spot.  That includes locking old transponder key codes out of the system so that lost or stolen keys no longer work. Learn More

Remote Keys

In addition to being an added layer of security, smart keys have the added convenience of remotely locking and unlocking doors and trunks as well as sounding the alarm.

It’s possible to purchase remote car key replacements yourself, but doing the key programming yourself can be tricky.  It’s important to purchase the right product, and most are designed to freeze (and become useless) after just a couple of errors.

Key Fobs

If you’ve already purchased an after-market chip key fob we can do the programming for you. Learn More

Remote Start Keys

Some chip keys can directly start the vehicle, but for both safety and security these operate only over very short distances, that is in close proximity.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems avoid the need to carry around a car key (provided you remember the combination).  But these can fail.  Our auto locksmiths can correct whatever problem you might be having.

Push to Start Fobs

Some late-model vehicles have push-button ignition rather than a lock-cylinder ignition switch for starting.  Some have both.  Either way, a fob allows you to start the engine as well as unlock doors remotely.  We’re always up to date on the latest technologies and ready for all key duplication as well as fob and onboard computer programming.