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Sky Lock & Doors ServiceSky Lock & Doors Service
4.5 Stars - Based on 11 User Reviews
Sky Lock & Doors ServiceSky Lock & Doors Service
4.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Diane CannonDiane Cannon

Josh was very helpful and came in a timely manner and handled business quickly and professionally. I was able to make it to work on time. Thanks again Josh.

Evan S.Evan S.

After requesting 4 quotes, Sky Lock and door sent us a tech in just under 20 minutes. Kevin was professional, courteous, and did a stellar job. His work was...

Rudy RamirezRudy Ramirez

Key fob replacement

What a great experience i had with Sky Lock and Doors Service Locksmith Houston. I emailed late in the evening and around 10min after emailing i received a phone call from the main center. I’m not sure who took my information down, but he was available to send me a technician Jeff. There was no time wasted from the time i got the call, to the time he came to fix my key. I was still at work and he took care of everything for me. He talked to me about everything he was doing. Since it was cold he said that i could go back inside finish my work and he would call me when he was done. The whole thing took about 30min. Getting my information from my car, my information, Cutting the Key, reprogramming, testing the key and explaining to me the inner workings of my New Fob.

I was manually locking and unlocking my car for over 5yrs. With this great experience and the price of my new fob i should of done this much much sooner. Dealership cost an arm and a leg. But thank you Jeff with Sky Lock and Doors Service Locksmith Houston. You made everything so much easier for me. Thank you!!

Dawn AndingDawn Anding

Josh was awesome. Very personable and very nice. I will be recommending your company to other people. And I will be telling them to ask for Josh.

May G.May G.

I lost the smart key for my car and called around everywhere asking for a price quotes. The dealership quoted me $400 because my car is push start! Crazy. I...

America GarciaAmerica Garcia

Great service! Eli negotiated with me on the price for my car key. I really appreciate that. Josh was the person who came to help and he was very friendly and helpful. I will be recommending Sky Lock to others. Thanks again.

Sandi UlsamerSandi Ulsamer

Jeff is my hero. Separated my keys for a valet and locked myself out of my house in the pouring rain.....back inside within the hour. They are fast, friendly and great at what they do. I highly recommend. Thanks again Jeff!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jennifer J.Jennifer J.

Highly advised to shop around as you'll easily find much better pricing.

After getting a quote and searching around they tried charging hundreds of...