Emergency Locksmith Services in Houston, Texas

Being locked out can be can be frightening, stressful, and frustrating.  So we provide prompt and professional emergency locksmith services at economical rates throughout the Houston metro.  We’re on alert , 365 days a year.  We’ll arrive in a well-marked vehicle and your licensed emergency locksmith will present their photo ID.

Besides home or business and vehicle lockout situations, our highly trained team is well prepared for repairs and replacements.  If you’ve had a lost or stolen key, or worse still a burglary, we can restore your security with a rekey or fob reprogram… or better still an upgrade to Grade 1 or high-security locks.

Your Houston Emergency Locksmith

If it’s an emergency to you, it’s an emergency to us.  So call anytime for an immediate dispatch.  Our company is fully insured and each mobile locksmith highly trained, bonded, insured, and  TXDPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) licensed.  Just ask to see their pocket card with registration number and expiration date for extra assurance of technical know-how and fair business practices.  Our emergency lockout services always start with a full disclosure of our rates and fees for a real estimate.

Sky provides fast and affordable home or business and car lockout services.  With superior training our technical experts and the latest in specialized tools and techniques, we complete the job damage free if it’s at all possible.  Broken key extraction is far cheaper than replacing the cylinder, and we can complete other repairs as well.  We also provide repairs, rekeys, and upgrades as emergency locksmith services for doors, file cabinets, and furniture locks as well.

Emergency Locksmith Services Houston, Texas

House Lockout Services

A house lockout is always a royal bother, especially if you’re about to leave in the morning, are in the middle of preparing dinner, or are returning home late at night.  It may be tempting to break a window, but how much will that repair cost?  And what will you do the next time everyone leaves the house unoccupied?  Our house lockout services are the quick and affordable answer.  We can take care of jammed or broken key extraction as well as lock repair, rekey, and replacement.

Car Lockout Services

Is a car lockout about to make you late for work or an important appointment?  Or are you stranded late at night in an unfamiliar area?  DIY methods often damage car window gaskets leaving you with months of leaks until you spend the time and money to get that fixed.  And replacing broken auto glass is quite expensive.  So sit tight, and our car door unlocking will probably be finished before other efforts have even had a chance at succeeding.  We have everything needed for just about any make and model, and we keep up with the latest technologies and techniques.  Besides car door unlocking, our automotive locksmith services also include key extraction and repairing ignition switches.  Lock your keys in the trunk?  That’s actually a little more difficult to remedy, but it’s no problem for us.

Emergency Car Lockout Tips

The British got one thing right — keep calm and carry on.  In lockout situations, it’s important to keep your cool until an emergency locksmith arrives so you’ll be clear headed in making the right choices and be appropriately aware of your surroundings. Here are a couple of additional emergency lockout tips.

  • You probably never exit your home or car without your phone.  Besides giving us a call, for your personal safety stays on the phone.  Or at least appear to be in the middle of a phone call.  Bad guys will be much more reluctant if they think you’re already in contact with someone right then and there.  Why not call family or friends; a chat should also help you relax a little.
  • Don’t try to smash a car window.  It’s more difficult than you might think, and many people have compounded their troubles with an injured arm or shoulder.