Ignition Repairs & Replacement

If your vehicle’s ignition fails to send a signal to the engine’s starter, it will not turn on.    Many drivers mistake an ignition problem with key failure.  Nevertheless, ignition switches do fail at times.  Are you having difficulties with the ignition switch of your vehicle?  Sky Lock & Doors Service not only handles lock-related matters but also fixes vehicle ignition switches.  Below are brief looks into why an ignition fails as well as what we can do to help.

Ignition Corrosion

Sometimes when moisture or water gets in contact with an ignition switch’s housing, corrosion can result.  Light corrosion can cause an ignition to malfunction intermittently whereas heavy corrosion will lead to complete failure.  We’ve often seen this on convertibles and motorcycles.  However, if car windows are left down, water can find its way to the ignition.

Ignition parts that are quite susceptible to water corrosion include:

  • copper contacts
  • coils
  • wiring

The good news is that all of the above parts are replaceable.  Our team of locksmiths can save you hundreds, by replacing parts that are corroding.

Heavy Ignition Wear

Another problem commonly blamed on the key is the inability to turn the key in the ignition.  Unless a key has been warped or damaged, it typically is not responsible for ignition turn failure.  In many occasions, the ignition itself is suffering from heavy wear.  Such wear can prevent the key from aligning properly within the key slot.  No matter how hard you try to turn the key, the ignition will seem to reject any key that formerly activated it.  A sign of ignition wear is the need to play with the key at certain spots or angles to get the ignition to turn.

In this situation, we can remove the ignition, replace worn parts and readjust it to restore its normal function.  Handling it this way could save you the hassle and money of replacing the entire ignition.

Other Ignition Issues

Some vehicle ignitions can lead to stalls while driving, flickering internal lights, and other odd occurrences.  Almost always these are electrical problems that are someway connected to the ignition.  We can diagnose the exact source of the problem and resolve it for you asap!  Call Sky Lock & Doors Service today!

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