Key Fob Programming and Repair

Houston’s Affordable Key Fob Replacement Services

Sky Lock and Doors Service could get you back on the road promptly with mobile key fob replacement service in Houston and surrounding areas. We have the ability to replace the most of factory original remotes while you wait– no appointment necessary. All keys are in stock and available for most makes and models at a fraction of the cost of your local car dealership. We will replace your lost or broken key fob at a fraction of a dealership cost.

Many modern car use fobs due to their functionality and ease of use.  Fobs have several programmable functions, including:

  • Opening doors
  • Opening trunk
  • Sounding alarm
  • Remotely starting engine

Nevertheless, if you lose or damage your fob it can be quite expensive to replace it if you order it from a car dealer or manufacturer.  A better option is to utilize the services of Sky Lock & Doors Service.

Key Fob Replacement

Did you know that well-trained locksmiths can replace a key fob?  Each member of our team has extensive knowledge in acquiring, programming, and repairing key fobs.  In fact, we have the same knowledge and tools at our disposal as dealerships.  The only difference is that our team has insightful information from the perspective of auto security.

Key Fob Programming

Sometimes the security of your vehicle can be compromised by fly by night key fob re-programmers.  The price might be extremely cheap but you may give access to your vehicle to thieves.  Sky Lock & Doors Service is a trusted source of fob reprogramming and we are registered with TOPS (Texas Online Private Security) of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Common Key Fob Questions

Do you have questions about your key fob?  Below are a few questions that are commonly asked by inquiring customers.

Can I program key fob myself?

It is possible.  However, you should note that car manufacturers tend to have different programming protocols.  Some things to keep in mind are:

  • You will need a blank (or unprogrammed fob) or need to clear the memory of the fob you have on hand.
  • Some fob require tools that may be difficult to obtain or costly.

You may find that the investment in tools, acquiring the right instructions, and the time invested in reprogramming may be not worth the cost.

How long does it take to program a key fob?

It really depends on the type of fob and the vehicle.  Nevertheless, we usually can complete a reprogram in less than 30 minutes.

Can my fob be programmed without my vehicle present?

No. Every fob reprogramming must have the vehicle present to ensure that it works properly.  Additionally, some vehicles require certain physical actions to sync the fob correctly.