Houston’s Affordable Rekey Service

When you need to rekey your house or business in Houston, you can count on Sky Lock & Doors Service for fast and affordable rekey services. We provide mobile service for Houston and surrounding areas.

Have your locks been compromised?  They may be if you have lost your keys.  While duplicating a key will help you to access your lock again, it doesn’t offer protection against someone else using the lost key.  There is nothing like having an uneasy feeling that a stranger may find a key that you lost.  Allow us to eliminate that fear.

Sky Lock & Doors Service features professional re-keying as one of our many services.  Rekeying is the process of altering the locks in such a way that a new key can now be used to open it. Rekeying saves you the trouble of replacing the lock (or locks) that a key opens.  Of course, rekeying requires the knowledge of how to use specialty tools dismantle a lock and alter its combination.  You never want an amateur to rekey your lock.  Doing so could result in:

  • Permanent damage to your lock (which is usually a ploy to have you buy a new lock the amateur is selling)
  • A non-licensed locksmith that will have access to your locks (professional locksmiths are registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety)

Best Rekey Services

Any locksmith can boast to have great rekeying services, but it is the proven results that matter.  To get the best results, we hold to highest workmanship standards and avoid shortcuts.  Each member of our team is hand-selected and receives continual training as new lock technology advances.  Advanced members of our team also pass on older lock rekeying methods to newer locksmiths at Sky Lock & Doors Service.  By doing this, we ensure that we maintain staff with rekeying knowledge that encompasses past, present, and future lock technologies.  Many claim to be the best. Sky Lock & Doors Service has the processes to back up our word.

Do you need a lock rekeyed?  Give us a call.  We have some of the best prices in Houston!