Doorknob and Deadbolt Installation

Whether you are a home owner, own a business, or are just protecting your property, you should always give due consideration to deadbolts and doorknobs that you choose.  This is especially the case if the access you are controlling is by means of a door. Doorknobs and deadbolts are the typical solutions that are sought to control door access.  While many individuals try to perform their own research about locks, a better option is to seek professional help.  A professional locksmith understands the internally makeup and external tolerances of locks.  Hence, the best advice that you can get about doorknobs and deadbolts is from a locksmith.

Installing Your Locks

As much as the grade of the lock that you use bears into the quality of setup, so does the installation.  Installing a lock may seem like a simple process.  However, there are several nuances that can arise which if are approach incorrectly could result in:

  • Damage to your door
  • Incorrect lock positioning
  • A lock that is easy to bypass

If you have an existing or new door and you are installing new locks, give Sky Lock & Doors Service a call.  When can drills holes at the proper lengths and depths for new doors and improve lock setups on older doors.  Our team can also give you an assessment of the best way to reduce the capability of a thief manipulating your locks.

Typically, we can install a new lock under 30 minutes.  If you need us to drill new holes for the lock, it will take a bit longer.  Please be advised that some locks are more involved than others. For example, newer locks like touchscreen or smart locks will require more setup than traditional lock.  However, the Sky Lock & Doors Service team is able to handle whichever lock you choose.

Need a new lock but don’t know which type to use?  We can help you with that too!  After we come out, we’ll look over your door and present options that are best for your home and budget.  Sky Lock & Doors Service is a full-service locksmith serving all of Houston.