Panic and Push Bars

In times of danger, having quick exit points from your building is essential to creating a safe environment.  Having proper panic hardware in place could mean the difference between averting a crisis and being subjected to one due to negligence.  Workplace panic and push bar door locks are another specialty of Sky Lock & Doors Service.  Our commercial locksmith team has helped several Houston businesses and facilities to meet or exceed municipal code.

Houston, Texas Panic and Push Bars Locksmith Services

Safety panic hardware is known by many as crash bars, panic bars, and push bars.  Regardless of their name, these door devices can save lives.  These bars are typically attached to a door horizontally and is spring-loaded to provide instant activation of the door’s lock.  Such doors are designed to open outwardly so that a large number of people can exit quickly and safely.

Some panic bars are equipped with alarms that are activated once the door is open.  This mechanism alerts others that may not be aware that an emergency is present.

Benefits of Panic Bars

There are several reasons why panic bars are used within buildings.  Here are a few:

Safety & Security: While offering quick access to exit a building, panic/push bar locks restrict entrance from outside.

Options: Since there are so many types of panic bars available, you can choose one that is best suited for your building setup and budget.

Insurance cuts: Many insurance providers offer premium discounts on insurance rates when safety and security measures are installed in a building.  Panic bar doors are one of the items that can help decrease these rates.

Sky Lock & Doors Service has the expertise to install and repair panic bars of all types.  Do you need help with a panic bar setup for main entrance or exit doors?  Call Sky Lock & Doors Service today for immediate assistance!