Master Key Services

If you have large number of keys, it is easy to realize the advantages of using a master key instead.  Sky Lock & Doors Service can eliminate your multiple key problem via our master key services.  Are you tired of maintaining a massive amount of keys?  If so, you’ll love what we can do for you!

Master Key System Locksmith

A master key system utilizes locks that have individual keys and master keys.  A master key opens multiple locks even if they use different keys.  In these systems, it is possible to have multiple levels of master keys.  Sky Lock & Doors Service is able to create a four-level master key system, made up of:

  • A sub-master
  • A master
  • A grand master
  • A great grand master

For instance, if one employed a janitorial service that required access to an office but not to the rest of the building, a sub-master key could be fitted for the office alone.  This way the owner can grant access to multiple areas without compromising access to sensitive areas.

Master key systems are absolutely critical to businesses like:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Offices
  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial facilities

Any businesses that need controlled access to their facility need a master key system.  However, even residential customers can make use a master key system.  Our master locksmith can design a locksmith chart for your specific setup.  Upon designing the chart, we’ll walk you through the system and show you how to maximize your controlled access.  For instance, one primary measure that you will want to control in a master key system is the rekeying of the master keys.  Making sure that only trusted parties have certain keys and that they are under the strictest orders about key duplication is the only way to maintain a master key system.