Business Lockouts

The old adage, “Time is money,” still rings true.  If you have even been lockout from your business, you have firsthand knowledge of the distress business lockouts causes.  Handling the day-to-day operations of a business can easily distract you from the little things—including your keys.  Are you locked out of your office or business right now?  Call Sky Lock & Doors Service!  Our locksmith team services the entire Houston, Texas area and can help you to get back into your place of business.

We have helped business owners and employees who have:

  • Lost a business key
  • Broken a key within a lock
  • Lost a key card to an access control system
  • A lock that has been damaged by tampering

Houston Business Lockouts

Businesses often make use of high security locks that provide more protection against tampering and blunt force.  Hence, opening a business or office lock could present challenges to nominal locksmiths.  Sky Lock & Doors Service employs master locksmiths that fully understand the mechanisms involved in commercial grade locks.  Hiring a “handyman” to try to open your business lock could prove to be a waste of time and money.  You should also be aware that an amateur locksmith may be able to open your lock only by damaging it in the process.  This would only result in a need to replace the lock—costing you more money.

When you call Sky Lock & Doors Service, you can expect fast, professional service from start to finish.  During your call we will:

  • Get your exact location
  • Give you a quote over the phone
  • Send a master locksmith in a company vehicle which is equipped with a variety of tools (our locksmiths will have a company uniform and will identify themselves with company ID)
  • Identify if there is a problem with your lock and provide you with options (in case your lock was tampered or damaged by a thief)